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“During this uncertain time, we wanted to create a unique week of giving campaign that brought students, alumni and staff together, but also indicated our need for support.”

– Tony Payne, Associate Vice President Southern Wesleyan University


Each April, Southern Wesleyan University, a private Christian university in South Carolina, holds their Week of Giving. By spring of 2020, the Southern Wesleyan staff knew they’d have to package their annual giving campaign in a way to provide relief to students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a Christ-centered organization, the school wanted a way to help students suffering financially and spiritually, while also being sensitive to constituents who may not have the ability to give. The Southern Wesleyan team was challenged to create a week of giving campaign that did both.


Tony Payne, Southern Wesleyan’s Associate Vice President for Development, wanted a centralized place online to host details on the 2020 week of giving. He worked with his MobileCause Digital Fundraising Strategist to set up an Event Page for the campaign. They worked together to create a campaign webpage that respected constituent’s possible inability to give, while also indicating the continued financial need for members of the Southern Wesleyan University community. Within the Event Page were links to mental health, work and career, and spiritual and community resources. In addition to their emailing marketing and mobile messaging channels, the Southern Wesleyan team shared their Event Page on social media with the hashtag #SWUCares.

Southern Wesleyan used an Event Page and online donation form for their week of caring campaign.


Despite social distancing restrictions, Southern Wesleyan raised $22,024 for their week of giving campaign, almost the same amount they raised in 2019 ($22,306). In addition to the emergency funds raised for students displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic, Southern Wesleyan was also able to provide spiritual, health, career and media enrichment resources. With help from their MobileCause Digital Fundraising Strategist and Event Page, the team was able to quickly pivot their annual week of giving into a meaningful week of caring.


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Southern Wesleyan University

Southern Wesleyan University was founded in 1906 by what is now the Wesleyan Church. The university offers 35 major areas of study for undergraduates, along with graduate and doctoral degrees.

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