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“After making the switch, MobileCause quickly paid for itself and more. By simplifying our online donation process we were able to raise 3X more within just the first month.”

– Liz Heinitz, Director of Annual Giving & Development Operations


The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association (CSOA) was looking to improve and simplify the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s online giving page and donor experience. With their previous online giving form, CSO donors were required to complete several steps, including creating login credentials and verifying their account, in order to complete their gifts.


The CSOA was searching for a streamlined solution for their online giving process. Based on research and recommendations from colleagues, the CSOA decided to sign up with MobileCause. CSOA’s Director of Annual Giving & Development operations, Liz Heinitz, worked with her MobileCause Account Manager to setup and her embed an online giving form on CSOA’s website. Prior to MobileCause, Liz had to work with the internal web development team to create a custom plugin and integration for the online giving form. Setting up and embedding a MobileCause online giving form proved to be incredibly simple in comparison.


After simplifying their giving page and removing the multi-step login, the CSOA increased giving threefold within the first month. CSOA found the multi-step and lengthy donation process deterred giving. With the MobileCause online giving form, CSO donors can contribute in one single step while also easily choosing gift designations to specific programs.

CSOA continued to have so much success with their simplified online giving page, they included a link to it in their email and direct mail campaigns to help increase traffic donations further. The improvements not only increased overall dollars raised and streamlined giving, but also helped save the CSOA team valuable time and money.

What is DFS?

Our team of Digital Fundraising Strategists have experience in nonprofit management and are power users of MobileCause. Using best practices and extensive fundraising, marketing and communications experience, the team provides fully-integrated development and setup of your campaigns. Enabling you to spend your time executing programs and connecting with your constituents. We create and implement campaigns for you so you can focus on running your organization.

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Founded in 1891, The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is one of the Big Five in the United States and is consistently ranked as one of the best orchestras in the world. The CSO performs over one hundred orchestras each year at both the Symphony Center and across the world. Gifts to the CSO help it retain its world-class status and the ongoing legacy of programs and performances for over 450,000 attendees each year.

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