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Corporate Social Responsibility Fundraising

Corporate social responsibility fundraising is one of the best things your company can do. 91% of customers switch to businesses that support good charities. Strengthen your brand by partnering with a charity, church, hospital, school or organization to help raise donations and take advantage of powerful mobile marketing services that can increase sales. Donations are 100% secure and remitted directly to the cause with no paperwork required!

Corporate Social Responsibility Fundraising
We used MobileCause for the first time in June 2013 at an awards dinner. We had never done a Fund My Future type of element at this event before but we decided to give MobileCause a try since this audience is very tech friendly. The response was amazing! With careful planning of a few “plant” pledges in the audience, a motivated speaker to inspire the crowd and the barometer on the screen to illustrate the donations, we were able to exceed our fundraising by $10k. The follow up calls by the staff are very professional too. We have since used MobileCause at other smaller events and have had a good experience. I highly recommend using their services.
Heather Ripley

Larkin Street Youth Services

Corporate Social Responsibility Fundraising Events

The event thermometer increases charity donations by 25%.


  • Donors are recognized in real time
  • Attendees work together to reach goal
  • Donor count inspires more people to give
  • $167 average event donation
View Example Event Thermometer
Corporate Social Responsibility Fundraising Event

Empower Employees To Make Donations


Employees will be able to complete corporate social responsibility fundraising donations in less than one minute from the convenience of their smartphone.

  • Promote a match
  • Send links to mobile donation pages
  • Combine volunteering and giving
  • Set goal and display donations in the workplace
  • Create friendly competition between departments
corporate social responsibility fundraising mobile donations
corporate social responsibility mobile donation page

Empower Employees to Raise Donations


Create crowdfunding campaigns for employees who are passionate about causes. Corporate social responsibility fundraising pages are designed to make it as easy as possible for employees to raise donations via text message, social media, email and in person. Employee fundraising pages can be setup in just a few minutes from the convenience of a smartphone.

  • Donation page auto-resizes to fit smartphones, tablets and PCs
  • Custom branding on donation page reinforces intention of gift
  • Custom fields for data collection (see t-shirt size drop down field below)
corporate social responsibility peer to peer fundraising

Corporate Social Responsibility Customers Gain Access to Mobile Marketing Services


Text messages guarantee that business promotions, product videos and opportunities get in front of the eyes of your customers. 99% of texts are read and 90% are read within 3 minutes. Compare these stats to direct mail, email and social media advertising. Mobile marketing campaigns can be scheduled and sent in just a few minutes from a computer. Compare the human resources and expertise needed for mobile marketing to direct mail, email and social media campaigns.

There are two ways your customers can subscribe to receive TCPA compliant messages:

  1. By texting a keyword
  2. By entering a mobile number into an online form

Online forms can be displayed on tablets, smartphones and PCs in the workplace, in the field, at conferences, and on your website. After entering mobile number, customers will receive a text in which they must reply “YES” to subscribe.

Corporate Mobile Marketing Sign Up Keyword

corporate mobile marketing sign up form

Due to TCPA regulations, businesses cannot upload lists of customer numbers and send messages. Businesses are liable $500 per unsolicited text sent. MobileCause ensures that you are 100% TCPA compliant when sending text messages.The MobileCause system automatically manages your opt-in and opt-out subscribers in real time.

Mobile Marketing to Increase Sales


Messages must be entertaining or essential or they will be ignored. Mobile phones are our most personal device.
Three ways to engage customers with mobile marketing:

1. Send links to videos and photos

Example: “Learn how to build or repair a fence on a budget. Watch DIY video with Phil! http://youtu.be/ebfr12”

2. Send links to promotions

Example: “Schedule a one week bathroom remodel this month and receive $1000 cash back.”

3. Send calls to action with time sensitive appeals

Example: “The next customer to schedule an in-home consultation for a kitchen remodel will receive a hardware upgrade at no cost.”

Corporate Mobile Marketing Example

Corporate social responsibility fundraising and mobile marketing examples are for demonstration purposes only and do not represent actual campaigns.

Request Corporate Social Responsibility Fundraising Demo

Our experts will walk you step by step through how our solutions can strengthen your cause.

Download eBook: How Businesses Can Engage Customers With Mobile Marketing While Strengthening Brand By Partnering With Local Charities

This is a must read resource for corporate social responsibility fundraising.

Corporate Social Responsibility Fundraising eBook

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