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Ease Your Museum’s Post-COVID Reopening with Digital Ticketing


Last Month (May 2020) the American Alliance for Museums* issued guidelines for reopening museums as the threat of COVID-19 lessens. Among their many recommendations, is the suggestion that museums move ticket sales online to limit contact between staff, volunteers and visitors in order to protect everyone’s health.

Whether you run an art or history museum, children’s museum, science center, aquarium, zoo, botanical garden or nature center, we have some tips that will allow your museum to transition to digital “touchless” transactions with ease.

Make Tickets Easy to Purchase

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If online tickets are new for your museum, reduce the growing pains of the transition by making sure that the online ticket system is easy to use for both visitors and staff. You will want a simple form that is as straightforward to use as it is to set-up. It is important that the form allows visitors to complete their transaction, on any type of device, quickly. If visitors have too much trouble navigating your ticket form, they may get frustrated and choose to go elsewhere—or use valuable staff resources to voice their complaints!

Limit Visitors

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The guidelines recommend that museums ensure physical distancing. One simple way to do this is by limiting the number of people allowed in the museum at one time. You will want to make sure that your ticketing solution allows visitors to choose from a limited number of timed visiting slots.

Use Digital Tickets

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One area of museum operations that has many potential points of contact is the paper ticket purchase process. A staff member hands the visitor a ticket, then the visitor hands the ticket to a staff member at the entry. In just a few minutes 3 people have touched the same piece of paper! The New England Journal of Medicine states that the virus can live up to 24 hours on cardboard.*** So, instead of using a paper ticket, consider digital tickets. Visitors can open the ticket on their phone and a staff member can scan it for them at arm’s length—no contact!

Curious about MobileCause Touchless Ticketing?

Go Mobile

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Make it easy for a visitor to buy their ticket from their own mobile device. A mobile-adaptive ticket form will allow visitors to buy their tickets at home, on the go or on site at the museum from their own device. And, if equity is an important value for your organization, providing ticketing access from a mobile device will allow even more people to buy or receive digital tickets to your facility as research shows that for many lower-income Americans, their only access to the internet is on their phone.***

MobileCause forms allows onsite ticket purchases with a simple text. Your visitors can text a keyword or scan a QR code to receive their ticket purchase form quickly and easily on their mobile device to order tickets with no contact.

Collect Contact Information

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Because of COVID-19, it is even more important that your museum keep records and contact information for your museum visitors. If another outbreak happens, you will want the ability to alert visitors during a certain timeframe of the possibility of exposure. You may also want to help health department authorities with contact tracing. To do so, you need to make sure that your ticket purchase form captures the basic contact information from your guests.

When your museum is ready to reopen, consider using a digital ticketing form to protect the safety of museum visitors, staff and your community. Ticketing systems, like those from MobileCause, will make it easy for your facility to adapt touchless ticketing technology.

Leah Libolt
Senior Digital Fundraising Strategist


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